An Abandoned Protestant Church and the von Reichenbach Palace [Goszcz, Poland]

Goszcz is a small Polish town with two really impressive and a little bit unusual places—a mystic abandoned Protestant church and the semi-ruined Palace von Reichenbach, where, surprisingly, people are still living.

The church is quite big, which makes it look even more impressive.

It’s surrounded by a garden, where you can find vegetables growing—as if it was just an usual garden. When you enter the church, the first thing which takes your breath away is a really huge space inside it and balconies with beautiful arches.

The stairs are still strong enough to support the weight of a human, so you can go upstairs and have a look on the whole church.

Seeing all these amazing arches surrounding you, especially if it’s sunny outside and the sunshine gets inside making impressive shadows, will make you feel as if you were in some magic place, so different from the usual modern world. But, despite the magic atmosphere inside, this church is not the only one worth to see place there.

Another usual place in Goszcz is the Palace von Reichenbach. Due to a fire in 1947 a big part of this building was ruined and never has been built, so, if you’re in Goszcz, you can explore red brick ruins left of the once so great palace.

At the same time in the not ruined buildings which belonged to the palace, people are living, so there is nothing strange to see some laundry outside, or, if it is summer, someone sunbathing in the yard of the palace.

There is also a big park ant lake nearby—all these taken together make this place look similar as it was in its times of greatness, so seeing people having flats inside the buildings that still remember the great history of this place seems to be really unusual and even weird.

Even though Goszcz is just an ordinary town in Poland, the abandoned church and Palace von Reichenbach make this place unusual and even magic—just imagine how it is to have a flat nearby once great palace, and pass through the mystic abandoned church every day—it’s all reality if you live in Goszcz.

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