The Abandoned Saint Helen’s Church [Wróblin Głogowski, Poland]

Wrocław Main Train Station. Here our journey begins. Trains are arriving from and departing to different places in Poland and abroad. One of them, before reaching its final station, stops in a small abandoned village.

The village is Wróblin Głogowski, and it became abandoned a few dozen years ago after a copper smelter had been built there and the environment became too polluted to live. Today only one family lives here, the rest are just forests and fields impossible to go through because of thick bushes.

Only a few trains a day stop in Wróblin Głogowski. The other ones just pass through this village going to some better known places. Symbolically, trains in Wróblin Głogowski stop at an abandoned station in this way showing to travellers what to expect from this place.

When you cross the forest surrounding the station, you will hear dogs woofing in a dog shelter (probably the most alive place here) and see the road to Wróblin Głogowski. At first sight the road seems to be even too wide for such abandoned place, but the presence of the copper smelter explains everything.

The road will lead you to the abandoned Saint Helen’s Church, hidden among trees and bushes.

Taking to the consideration that the church has been abadoned for several dozen years, it still is in quite a good condition. Forests and bushes protect this place from vandals, so it’s not devastated at all, there is no rubbish around and graffiti on the walls. At the same time, such natural protection makes this place extremely empty—there is nothing around the church apart from trees, thick bushes and huge wooden cross.

The doors of the church look relatively new, but they are unlocked, so the building is open for everyone who by some reason came to Wróblin Głogowski.

When you go inside the church you will see a small cosy room which is almost empty, apart from a couple of desks and some other stuff. There are still some frescoes on the ceiling and walls, only not so bright as they were a few dozen years ago.

Some dead moths are lying on the floor, while alive ones are trying to get out from the church—unsuccessfully, because the windows are still not broken, just covered with a thick layer of dust and spider webs.

Once you enter this small cosy church you will want to stay here forever and enjoy the outstanding silence, unusual even for a sacral place. But, as mentioned before, only a few trains a day stop in Wróblin Głogowski, so you have to hurry up and go back to the abandoned station in order not to miss the last one—otherwise you will be stuck in this place as some moths inside the church.

The Saint Helen’s Church in Wróblin Głogowski is not the only one such place in Lower Silesia. Wroniniec, Rapocin, Przecław—these are just a few names of the places where some abandoned churches can be found. Actually the whole Lower Silesia is full of mysterious places and this church, as well as the other ones, are only a few of them.

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