The Port Baikal [Russia]

The Port Baikal in Russia is a settlement located near the Lake Baikal on the left bank of the Angara River. Rare ferry connections mean that Port Baikal remains largely uncommercialised, lacking tourist attractions and also crowds. At the same time it makes the place popular with more meditative visitors. First thing which you see there after getting out of the ferry is rusting watercrafts which make this place look a bit industrial. The view around changes when you leave the port—going further you’ll see a settlement of old wooden houses. Describing this area it’s also hard not to mention the nature there, which together with the great Lake Baikal makes this place especially beautiful.

5 thoughts on “The Port Baikal [Russia]

  1. Amazing picturse. It’s so interesting to see some places off the beaten track. Russia for example fascinates me for a long time. Definitely a country I have to see more of. After reading (or watching) your post, I definitely have to see more of Siberia, too. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you, glad that you like them 🙂 ‘Off the beaten track’ places is something I like the most, you can find more of the m on my blog. Siberia is definitely worth to see as well as going by trans-siberian railway 🙂

      1. Will definitely keep exploring other places you visited on your blog. Absolutely fascinating. The Transib is on my wish list, too. Hope I’ll have this chance soon 🙂

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