Verkiai [Vilnius, Lithuania]

Verkiai is a nothern district in Vilnius (Lithuania). Forests, lakes surrounded by wild bushes, a beautiful old palace with a huge park and some cosy village houses around make you feel as if you were far away from the modern world, no matter this place is a part of the capital city of Lithuania.

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Lindiniškės [Lithuania]

Lindiniškės is a small village around 10 kilometres from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Passing through this place you can find some old wooden houses and gardens nearby. The village is surrounded by forests and fields which make this place very calm and a bit remote.

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Bukiškis [Lithuania]

Bukiškis is a village around 10 kilometres from the capital of Lithuania Vilnius. There is an agricultural school, church, old farmstead and a few grocery stores in this village. There is also a huge lake in Bukiškis—probably the most impressive place there.

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The Abandoned Saint Helen’s Church [Wróblin Głogowski, Poland]

Wrocław Main Train Station. Here our journey begins. Trains are arriving from and departing to different places in Poland and abroad. One of them, before reaching its final station, stops in a small abandoned village.

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An Abandoned Protestant Church and the von Reichenbach Palace [Goszcz, Poland]

Goszcz is a small Polish town with two really impressive and a little bit unusual places—a mystic abandoned Protestant church and the semi-ruined Palace von Reichenbach, where, surprisingly, people are still living.

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Jaśliska, or in the Middle of Nowhere [Poland]

Sometimes it’s enough just to watch a movie to feel that the place which you saw there is the one where you simply have to go. That’s what can happen to you after seeing ‘Strawberry Wine’ which shows a magic life of a small village in Southeastern Poland.

The most amazing thing about Jaśliska, the village where the movie was shot, is that it’s so remote from everything and seems that the life here stopped long time ago.

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The Liban Quarry [Kraków, Poland]

The Liban Quarry is often called one of the creepiest abandoned places in Kraków, and it really is so—it is located in a territory of the former Płaszów Concentration Camp which operated here during the World War II. In 1993 some scenes of ‘Schindler’s List’ movie were shot here and there are still some decorations left in this place surrounded by amazing limestone cliffs, ponds, forest and thick bushes. All these taken together make that territory be unique breathtaking site, which just perfectly joins the beauty of nature and horror of creepy abandoned buildings.

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