The Abandoned von Zobeltitz Palace [Glinka, Poland]

When you’re passing through Glinka, a village in Lower Silesia (Poland), it’s worth to stop and have a look at impressive abandoned von Zobeltitz Palace, which, once great, today is slowly falling into ruin.

This late baroque palace was built at the second part of XVIII century and rebuilt at the beginning of XX century. It survived the World War II and after that was owned by State Agricultural Farm. The palace became abandoned at the end of XX century after the fall of state agricultural farms and since then it started getting into the worse and worse conditions.

Despite the decay overtaking the palace, the most impressive element of this place, a huge widely open gate with the ironical ‘do not enter’ sign put above, still attract attention of those who by some reason come here. Stunning view behind the gate imperceptibly makes you ignore the warning and invites to explore the decaying palace.

6 thoughts on “The Abandoned von Zobeltitz Palace [Glinka, Poland]

    1. Thank you, glad that you liked them 🙂 Yes, it is possible, I got inside but didn’t explored the building too much because it’s in really bad conditions and actually there’s not too much to see inside this palace.

        1. Well, this palace looks impressive from the outside, but it’s completely ruined inside. Here you can find pictures taken inside the building by a writer from Lower Silesia – thought these photos will help you to decide whether to go there or not 🙂
          Actually there’re really a lot of old abandoned places, like palaces or churches, in the same region of Poland where this palace is (Lower Silesia), so it’s worth to look for the rest ones as well.

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