An Abandoned Inn [Płazów, Poland]

There’s a small decaying building in Płazów, just beside the road crossing this village in south-eastern Poland. Today abandoned, in the turn of XIX-XX century it used to be an inn. Some rooms seems to be in quite good conditions, but it’s just a first impression that you get entering the building—looking more carefully you’ll find some cracks in the walls and there’s also a big hole in the ceiling in one of the rooms—all these taken together make the building falling into ruin.

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Płazów [Poland]

Płazów is situated within Subcarpatian Voivodeship in south-eastern Poland.
In XVII-XVIII century it was a town and, despite never getting significant meaning, it still was vibrant local craft and trade centre. Płazów lost its town privilegies at the end of XVIII century and today it’s a village with population of 480 inhabitants.
If by some reason you come to Płazów, it’s worth to have a look on an abandoned Orthodox church here as well as another, Catholic church, which is still in use and cemetery or just have a walk on the streets of the village where still you can see some old houses.

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