Abandoned Greenhouses [Vilnius, Lithuania]

It doesn’t happen too often to find an abandoned site like this. A few decaying greenhouses surrounded by wild garden remind rather some secret house in a jungle impossible to go through than a place where plants were grown in a well-organised way.

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Viivikonna, an Almost Abandoned Village [Estonia]

Viivikonna is one of the most famous abandoned places in Estonia. Once a mining town with a population over a couple of thousand people, today it’s a decaying village full of abandoned buildings and ruins surrounding its empty streets.

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The Abandoned Rzewuski Palace [Bratoszewice, Poland]

Beautiful abandoned palace significally bitten by decay but still hiding a stunning sight inside that won’t let leave this place easily. This is something that definitely makes it worth to enter a park in Bratoszewice, a village in Poland.

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