Abandoned Greenhouses [Vilnius, Lithuania]

It doesn’t happen too often to find an abandoned site like this. A few decaying greenhouses surrounded by wild garden remind rather some secret house in a jungle impossible to go through than a place where plants were grown in a well-organised way.

The mentioned decaying greenhouses are situated in the neighbourhood of modern blocks of flats in Vilnius (Lithuania). The place consists of a few greenhouses and a small building joining some of them. Seeing this abandoned site not much can be told about its past apart from the year when it was built (1960), which is written above the entrance. In any case, one thing is sure—the decay made this place much more spectacular than how it was being in use. The greenhouses are full of wild plants and old stuff not necessarily common for greenhouses (like Christmas decorations or a mirror of a truck)—all these taken together create an incredible composition which, together with the glass walls in the background, looks really impressive when the day is sunny and the sunlight makes everything inside even brighter.

This abandoned place, similar like many other ones, is a battlefield between civilisation and nature, fragility of the structures and time. The place is turning little by little into a huge wild garden—as usual plants prefer their natural conditions to grow and keep on fighting for them.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Greenhouses [Vilnius, Lithuania]

  1. Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’ve just stumbled across these images and absolutely love them. I really like to paint and was just wondering if you’d give me permission to paint one of your photos. I don’t sell my artwork, but I do share it. ???? Thank you,

    1. Hi Robyn. Sure, I don’t mind if you paint it. Feel free to share that painting, I would love to see it 🙂

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