An Abandoned House near the Road [Wola Batorska, Poland]

Sometimes, while passing through a random village, it happens to find a forgotten place that only locals know—like this decaying house in Wola Batorska, a village in southern Poland. The thing that makes it so impressive is old wooden architecture, so different from quite a lot of newer buildings around.

As it usually happens seeing such place, many questions about its past come to mind. What’s inside? Why is it abandoned? Who lived there? The only way to get rid of these questions, or at least to try to do that, is to come closer and open the old doors.

The house is situated beside the road crossing the village, so it’s enough to make just one step to enter its surroundings, and a few more to reach the old stairs leading to the entrance of the house. The doors are unlocked and seems that it’s already quite a long time as the lock hasn’t been used at all.

Considering the ease of entering the building it’s not difficult to guess that it’s almost empty inside. First thing which you see when already in the house is a long room with the ceiling which seems soon will be touching the ground. After making a few steps along the room with a bit of the sky instead of the mentioned ceiling it’s time to open the doors to the rest of the rooms and check out what’s there. Not really surprisisingly, they’re almost empty inside, apart from some rubbish, once white curtains on the windows and cobwebs in the corners.

Still, despite the emptiness filling the house, there are a few details that let us have a short glimpse on the life there when the place was in use. Probably the most unforgettable ones are childish decorations on the doors. Once so joy-spreading colourful heart shaped papers look a bit creepy surrounded by gloomy grey walls.

It’s also worth to mention one more detail—a part of a rosary left in one of the rooms. Most likely we’ll never get to know why someone put it on the window handle.

All these details taken together create an unusual atmosphere inside and even turn the house into a bit frightening site.

When it’s already time to leave the place, there’re still more questions than answers about it, and closing the doors without finding the answers causes a feeling of unsolved puzzle. On the other hand, such unanswered questions, still in the head even when the house is already swallowed by the horizon, put on the place a shade of mystery in this way turning the time spent there into an unforgettable experience.

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  1. Whenever I see a house in the country or in a village, and it’s right beside a road, I often think ‘who would want to live that close to passing traffic’? Perhaps it was the installation or expansion of the road that led to the occupants decision to abandon the property.

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