An Abandoned Steading [Stare Jaroszowice, Poland]

So many unknown places can be found after making a few steps off the road and going deeper into the area surrounding it. One of such sites was an abandoned steading in Stare Jaroszowice, a small village in the south western part of Poland. Hidden over a thick wall of bushes, it was definitely worth making those few steps and more careful look in order to see it.

Seems there was no better time to find this steading than a gloomy November afternoon. The greyness around made a perfect composition with obscure stone walls of the building, which, significally touched by decay, had some charm and invited to explore it. Seeing this there was no doubt about opening the gates and going further.

After entering the territory it was impossible not to notice the greatness of the old stone walls of the steading still trying to fight with decay.



Despite that their loss seemed to be just a matter of time—some part of the building had been already fallen into ruin.

On the other hand, the not ruined one still had some details quietly whispering about the past of the steading—like the dates visible above a couple of entrances, 1842 and 1891, letting to assume that the building was a witness of the life in Stare Jaroszowice in XIX century.

The old age of the building intrigued even more to check out what was hiding over its massive walls.  Considering the ease of entrance and not the best conditions of the building it would be too naive to expect to find its interior the same as it was many years ago.

Despite that there were still a few elements inside that let to have a closer look on its past. An old oven, quite well preserved, just missing the smell of food once cooked in it, a cart, which probably knows by heart most of the roads in the area but now finally having its deserved rest, and some other household things—all these created a brief view on this place when it was still in use.

It’s also worth to mention the atmosphere inside. Gloomy stone walls were making it a bit mystical, and dusk filling the building was even strenghtening this impression.

The atmosphere of the place leeds you for a while even after leaving the site and being back on the road. The same about a view of the decaying stone building which seems to be pretty hard to forget. All that is not surprising at all—decay just perfectly put on this place a shade of mystery which definitely makes the imagination work more intensely.


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