An Abandoned Neo-Gothic Church [Poland]

Not each abandoned site sticks in the mind for so long as this decaying church. Seeing this temple on the photos was more than enough to decide to find it, even despite knowing nothing at all about the place. Thus there was no other way than start some research based on very general and not fully warranted assumptions. Luckily the mentioned guesses appeared to be sharp enough scissors to cut the way through the jungle of information and finally reach this church, situated in one Polish village.

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The Abandoned Elevator PZZ Kozłów [Kozłów, Poland]

Being in Kozłów (Poland) it’s impossible not to notice great ruins surrounded by endless fields. Seeing high concrete walls is hard to simply pass through not entering the site. However, such gloomy view on this great decaying building leaves no doubt that some time ago it was the most important industrial plant in the area and makes wonder what caused its fall.

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