The Abandoned Elevator PZZ Kozłów [Kozłów, Poland]

Being in Kozłów (Poland) it’s impossible not to notice great ruins surrounded by endless fields. Seeing high concrete walls is hard to simply pass through not entering the site. However, such gloomy view on this great decaying building leaves no doubt that some time ago it was the most important industrial plant in the area and makes wonder what caused its fall.

The mentioned site is PZZ Kozłów which, with the capacity of 32 500 tones, was one of the largest and most modern grain elevators in Poland. Built in 1955, it was in use until the end of 90s. The thing that caused the fall of PZZ Kozłów was its privatisation and new owner who didn’t pay taxes and salaries. Finally, the electricity supply to the site was stopped in September 1999 and was the end of its time of greatness.

Currently the building continues falling into ruin but there’re still some things making the place brighter despite its condition and gloomy past. It’s worth to spend several minutes passing one floor after another, all filled with greyness end emptiness, in order to reach the highest levels of the building or even its roof, with breathtaking views on the area around. Endless green fields, ordinary rural scenery, turns into soem kind of magical land seen from such height.

Another thing making this place stuck in mind long after levaing it’s plenty of graffiti. So, after having a look on the grey concrete walls you can see huge eyes watching you, or meet colourful, even a bit psychedelic cat as well as other fairytale creatures. Some of these graffiti, different from the most of this type of art, are really artistic and make this place quite colourful and lively, considering that there’s nothing there apart from grey walls.

Despite the previously mentioned beautiful views from the top of the building and cheerful details, in general PZZ Kozłów remains a gloomy place. This impression is even stronger having in mind the sad history of the site and waste of its potential. Currently just a ruin lost in the fields, the plant still could be a place of the highest importance in the area—as it was in its golden ages.

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