An Abandoned Neo-Gothic Church [Poland]

Not each abandoned site sticks in the mind for so long as this decaying church. Seeing this temple on the photos was more than enough to decide to find it, even despite knowing nothing at all about the place. Thus there was no other way than start some research based on very general and not fully warranted assumptions. Luckily the mentioned guesses appeared to be sharp enough scissors to cut the way through the jungle of information and finally reach this church, situated in one Polish village.

Not less thick was a forest of bushes surrounding the building, and, if we compare them to the seashell protecting the pearl, we will get the exact picture of what this temple is in an ordinary village where it’s situated. Seems that this church not only saved its charm despite being abandoned but even became more beautiful after decay had taken over it. Of course that’s a different kind of beauty—the one covered with the dust and bleached by time, with dry leaves in the corners and deep cracks on the walls. It’s the specific charm that appears when it seems that everything making a place beautiful has already disappeared.

These are mainly the details of the interior that give this temple so much charm. The most beautiful one is a well preserved altar with a picture of Mother of God. Full of carved elements, it still attracts to come closer, no matter it has been years since the last time when a priest was standing in front of it, and the last mass was over long time ago.

It’s also worth to mention frescoes. Their warm colours covered with a soft shade of the past create a mystical atmosphere in the temple and fill the place with magic.

However, there’re also a few details in the church making it similar to a horror scenery. An old coffin put near the wall attracts attention of everyone who by some reason entered the building, and, no matter it’s empty, it still can make a visitor scary, especially considering its small size—just a bit of imagination is enough to see a cold pale-faced body of a child lying inside.

Neither a grumpy look of Mother of God on the previously mentioned picture makes the place cosier. Enhanced by a gloomy atmosphere in the church, it seems to express some kind of dissatisfaction with the presence of everyone who catches it being there.

No matter how sad is to see this church falling into ruin, it also should be admitted that decay turned the temple into something exceptionally stunning. Once beautiful interior seems to be even more impressive covered with dust, and each bite of time looks like an essential detail in the overall picture of this decaying beauty. Time stopped in this temple in the most beautiful moment of its agony, and, considering the impermanence of such condition, hopefully it will remain suspended as long as possible.

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  1. my wife and me are leaving for 2 weeks in Poland on July 15th. I am fascinated with Polands history and struggles. Can you share where we might be able to see an old abandoned church? We will be in Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow.

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