The Abandoned Resort Hotel ‘G’ [Poland]

Nothing more paradoxical than reading on the Internet an attractive offer of a beautifully situated resort hotel when in fact the site is already abandoned. It would be priceless to see the faces of tourists who chose it for the stay but after entering the doors met there no staff and guests, as if they all suddenly disappeared. That’s the current situation of an abandoned resort hotel in a town on the south of Poland—still ‘in use’ virtually, it’s already waiting for decay to take over it.

Not less misleading is the building by itself. It looks quite well preserved from the outside, and only a percipient eye will notice the glass replaced with an untransparent material in some of the windows, a tree growing on the chimney and other details letting assume that the place is not in use.

The same about its interior which has remained almost untouched for 1-2 years since the site became abandoned. It’s still possible to see the place in the similar condition as it was when the guests were staying there. The resort hotel consists of 2 buildings which include rooms and the rest what is common for such sites. Thus, we still can find inside a fully furnished canteen with the smallest details, like tablecloths on the tables, vases and even more dishes.

Another not less impressive part of the site is a hall with a billiard table, a cosy corner with armchairs and plastic plants which being brightly green create an impression as if the place was still in use.

There’s also a bit messy but fully furnished administrative room next to it. Seeing some documents there and considering the condition of the resort hotel it’s hard to believe that all guests have already checked out from this place.

The only way to make sure it’s really so is climbing up the stairs in the previously mentioned hall and having a look on the higher floors where the rooms are situated. There’re quite a lot of them there, as the resort hotel had up to 90 beds. Despite being abandoned, most of the rooms are still quite well preserved and fully furnished, including some details, like pictures or lamps. Bright colours of the walls and curtains make them cosy and inviting to move in. Taken together with the previously described canteen as well as the rest of part of the site, it looks like a perfect place to stay—just a staff is missing.

No matter how weird is to keep on the Internet the information about the resort hotel which is already abandoned, seems it makes sense, as visiting it is a great opportunity to see probably the last days of once great place. Exceptionally well preserved furniture and other equipment, as well as plenty of details let feel the atmosphere of the site as it was in its golden ages. And who cares that the guests will not find there a receptionist to check them in or get the keys from—the place looks inviting to explore it and waits for the visitors even despite being abandoned.

8 thoughts on “The Abandoned Resort Hotel ‘G’ [Poland]

    1. You’re right, this resort hotel is still in such a good condition that it could be saved. However, seems it will fall into ruin one day.

  1. It seems strange that there is no graffiti or trash, no signs of anyone squatting there, stealing stuff, or vandalising it. It’s in really good condition. Thank you for the pictures!

    1. You’re right, this place is really well preserved. That’s because it’s been abandoned only since 1-1,5 years and at first sight the building doesn’t look as if it was abandoned.

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