The Abandoned House ‘The Final Scene’ [Poland]

One more decaying house, and one more gloomy story. A movie that is going to the end, its final scene, a tragic one, and predicting no ‘happy end’. That is, in a few words, a story of one of a plenty abandoned houses in Poland—no matter how sad, still intriguing to get to know it.

In general, decaying cabins are always a mystery, as you can never know what you will see inside, and this one was not an exception. The entrance of the house was hidden behind thick bushes and led to a gloomy hall. However, the atmosphere was even gloomier in the rest part of the building consisting of a couple of rooms.

The main room looked as if someone was desperately searching for a treasure there—mainly because of drawers left on a table and a mess around which enhanced this impression. Despite that the place was still furnished enough to be possible to imagine the life which was going there. An old cupboard, once white and full of dishes, a wooden table, some time ago nicely covered with a tablecloth—all that taken together let recreate an image of the place when it was in use. Thus we can see a cosy room and a family having dinner on a calm afternoon, no matter that now the table is messy, and the cupboard is covered with dust and almost empty.

Another room in the house was a bedroom. The blueness of its walls was making the interior look lively, however, that was the only bright thing there, as the place had been already taken over by decay. Once nice bed was devastated and bedside cabinets were widely open. No matter how gloomy the bedroom was, it still had one nice detail—an oldfashioned telly put next to the bed. Most likely we will never get to know which movie or TV show had been watched on it before it was turned off for the last time. Despite that seeing it’s easy to imagine the owners spending the evening in front of it.

There were a few more details in the bedroom. One of them was a candle in a jar put next to the telly—together they created a bit extraordinary composition and made wonder, who needed a candle in the house which was supplied with electricity (or maybe—who needed a telly in the place where were no electricity?). Another details were a couple of holy pictures on the walls with the Saints watching everyone who by some reason entered the bedroom. The mentioned pictures let us assume that the inhabitants were religious thus probably old people, as it usually is. On the other hand, the house most likely had an opportunity to listen to childrens’ laugh and see the mess they created—going back to the main room described at the beginning we can find some stickers with the characters from the cartoons left on the cupboard—not as bright as they were years ago, but still the same cheerful, and blowing a bit of joy into this gloomy place.

That’s the final scene of the movie of this abandoned house, and it seems to be just a matter of time when it will come to the end leaving the place for a ‘The End’ caption and subtitles. Not each movie has a happy ending, the same as not every old cabin is lucky enough to survive often so destructive impact of time. However, there’s always some beauty in sadness, as well as some charm in decay, and the described abandoned house is a good example of it.

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