The Abandoned Manor House ‘Lost in the Winter Scenery’ [Poland]

Sometimes it’s just a season of the year that makes the place so impressive and lets to see its magic. A sunny December midday was a perfect time to visit an old abandoned manor house hiding in a remote village in Poland. It was surrounded by a huge park, which, covered with a shiny snow, reminded a fairytale scenery, and crossing it was like entering some magic place. All that taken together intrigued to come closer to the old building and have a look on its once beautiful interior.

The manor house was almost empty but its pale walls were still creating an unforgettable atmosphere inside, and sunlight from the windows seemed to be enough to chase away the gloominess, so common for decaying places.

Despite the mentioned emptiness, some details remembering the times of greatness of the palace still could be found there.

Elegant wooden stairs looked inviting to explore the building, and doors leading to the balconies seemed to be calling to open them and enjoy the stunning views on the area around.

However, the biggest surprise while exploring this site was one of the buildings belonging to the manor house. Its old walls were hiding a bit messy but well-preserved rooms. The most impressive was a boardroom—still in an exceptionally good condition, it seemed just to be waiting for its second life. On the other hand, there were a few details showing that decay had already taken over the place. The one causing many thoughts were dry plants in pots—it seemed really strange that they were left there to die.

Once a great place, today the manor house is taken over by the decay and little by little falls into ruin. The park surrounding the building is literally turning into a wild forest, which, relatively thick in winter, most likely is even more difficult to pass through in the warm season of the year. Taking all the above into consideration it’s easy to predict that the future of the manor house is rather gloomy and it’s just a matter of time when the building will finally turn into ruin.

4 thoughts on “The Abandoned Manor House ‘Lost in the Winter Scenery’ [Poland]

  1. Wow, it hasn’t been abandoned all that long, judging by the ’90’s era computer. Odd that they just walked off and left all the office furniture. It was clearly a beautiful place at one time.

    Thanks for the photos!

    1. Yes, and the same about the boardroom, it looks quite new. No doubt it was a beautiful place. I also wonder why they left the furniture—it still could be in use. Finding it there was the biggest surprise during that trip.

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