The Abandoned Chapel ‘The Little White Temple’ [Czech Republic]

It was the most ruined place I visited during that trip but it had some charm despite its poor condition. Trees growing on the roof as well as bare walls suggested that the building is falling into ruin and old wooden pews significally bitten by time let assume that the place had been abandoned for a long time. Despite that, it was still possible to stuck in this place for a while exploring this little abandoned temple and its overgrown surroundings.

Situated in a small village in the Czech Republic, the mentioned decaying chapel is the most impressive sight in the area. First thing that the eyes catch while being there’s its architecture and an elegant tower which, despite being a part of a roof that has already collapsed, still remains the same elegant as in the times when the place was in use.

Not less impressive is the interior of the chapel—no matter that decay has already taken over the building, it has some beauty hidden in the paleness of its walls and old wooden pews.

However, probably the main thing making this place so charming are huge windows—coloured with the blueness of the sky and greeness of the trees surrounding the building, they make an incredible contrast with the paleness inside.

That all taken together makes an impression of a secret little temple, still charming and reminding a fairytale scenery.

Despite falling into ruin, this chapel is still able to impress whoever sees its red brick walls and decaying interior. Some of its charm has remained even today and that lets imagine the beauty of this site when it was in use. However, seems that using imagination is the only place to see the chapel in its golden ages—these times will never be back, the same as prayers will never enter the doors of the little white temple.

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