The Art of Sorrow. Part 1: The Old Pet Cemetery ‘Psi Los’ [Konik Nowy, Poland]

Whichever place I visit, I always show its most interesting details. However, I won’t even try to fool you that I attempted to do it this time, as in case of a site I wanted to present now it was simply impossible. The mentioned place is the pet cemetery ‘Psi Los’, situated in Konik Nowy, a village near Warsaw (Poland), consisting of two a bit remote from each other parts (the old and new cemetery), and full of the details turning it into a really weird place.


The reason why it was impossible to explore it more precisely was its size and the number of animals already buried there.

This huge territory counted a few thousand graves, so different and so unusual in comparison to the ones that can be found on traditional cemeteries, that each of them could be called a piece of art.

Little tombs decorated with colourful toys were literally fighting for the attention of visitors following paths of the cemetery, as a result making it really difficult to decide which of them are worth to stop for a few seconds more.

Furthermore, considering that each grave is a different story, a beautiful one but with the sad ending, this decision was completely impossible. Thus the only solution I found to explore the cemetery as precisely as it’s possible was to walk along all its paths having a quick look around.

The thing that I saw were plenty of little pieces of art.

A bit kitschy ones, but at the same time very sentimental and definitely made putting all heart into it. And that was something making this cemetery much nicer from similar places.

This place was also more sincerer than traditional graveyards, mainly because of the extraordinary way the cemetery was made—considering colours, previously mentioned kitsch, and, probably the most important, colourful paper windmills blowing a little bit of life into the place.

Most likely it was because the pets are not treated as seriously as people, but it was also because in this case people did not feel limited by rules and religion and could bury animals in the way they wanted. And that turned the cemetery into something amazing—a sincere, warm, even a bit cheerful place, but at the same time the one showing how important these pets were for their owners and how much they missed them.

I spent in both parts of the cemetery a few hours and that was enough only for a quick walk among the tombs. No matter how unforgettable experience just seeing this magic place may be, it’s only a drop in the sea considering its meaning. Much more time is needed to hear each story the graves are whispering and probably eternity to feel the feelings burried there. However, I’ve tried to select some of the graves that caught my attention and made me stop for a while to have a closer look on them.

The old pet cemetery is not the only place of this kind in the area. There’s also the new cemetery which getting fuller and fuller and similar to the previously mentioned site. More details about that place here.

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