Far from the City Centre. Deep into the Prokocim District [Kraków, Poland]

A few sights from the Prokocim District in Kraków (Poland) taken in different times of a year, exploring its farthest corners.

Prokocim is situated in the south-eastern part of Krakow (Poland) on the territory of a former village. Today it is a typical metropolitan township, which, despite being a part of the big city, is still a relatively calm place with a few beautiful parks, river and some nice alleys surrounded by old trees and cosy houses.

There’re also a few places in Prokocim taken over by decay.

A former second-hand clothes store in Prokocim. No matter it’s closed since a long time, there’s still its advertising slogan visible which any second-hand store could be jealous of—’Ubrania z przeszłością’, or ‘Clothes with the Past’—emphasizing the uniqueness of the clothes sold there, instead of their low price.

Probably the most famous abandoned building in the destrict—a red-brick house which seems to be a perfect horror movie scenery.

It’s worth to step off the main streets of the district and discover its unknown corners.

One of the most impressive sites in Prokocim is the Anna and Erazm Jerzmanowski Park. Its beauty takes breath away no matter whether it’s covered with an early morning sunglight or a gloomy evening fog.

This park is not the only green area in Prokocim—not less impressive one, the Lilia Weneda Park can be found going further. Below is the track leading there, seen in one misty July morning.

And the mentioned park, filled with an incredible summer fog.

The same park during the golden time of the year.

And covered with snow.



There are even more green sights in the Prokocim District—for the conclusion, probably the wildest one—a forest which perfectly fits this undiscovered area.

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