The Dance of Sunlight. The Anna and Erazm Jerzmanowski Park [Kraków, Poland]

Time of the day is an element rarely taken into consideration when going to visit some place and is never treated as a part of it. However, it’s also the one which has so strong impact on the site, that can turn it into a fairytale scenery. Photos below show the Anna and Erazm Jerzmanowski Park in Kraków (Poland) seen in an early October morning.

It’s one of many green areas in the city—however, first rays of the sun blew some magic into it, making this place really impressive and completely changing its ordinary look. Of course, it is not the only park which looks so stunning in the early morning—in this case, it is not only the site, but also what makes impact on it.  Thus, in order to get everything of the place, it’s worth to broaden understanding about the place expanding its physical appearance with the intangible element of time.

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