Following Random Streets. The Undiscovered Side of Baranavichy [Belarus]

I often go to some places having without any special plan to explore them, only because they are on my way to other destinations. Baranavichy, a city in the southwestern part of Belarus, was not an exception—I went there while travelling to other places. Having no plan to explore the area at all, the best ‘plan’ that I found is simply to follow random streets and in this way reaching the side of the town that only locals know.

Below you can find a few sights seen on such trip to Baranavichy. It’s one of the biggest cities in Belarus and of course it has many monuments, relatively busy centre and other things common for such places. However, I concentrated on the part of the town that is known only for locals. Stepping off the main streets I found the area which, full of old wooden houses, reminded countryside rather a big city. This impression was enhanced by dusty backroads and lots of nature around.

For the conclusion, a bit of humour from the streets of Baranavichy—a couple of warnings put on the fences. Out of the topic I would like to say that they could be treated as an inherent part of the streets of any city and the detail that lets us have a closer look on the inhabitants of the place. So, some of the ones seen in Baranavichy show that people there are annoyed because of constantly having cars left in front of their gates and have a dog which deals with burglars in a pretty unusual way.

For dummies, cool ones, etc.!
Don’t park the car in front of the gate!!!
‘Take care of tires’

The yard is protected by a very good dog
Neither bites nor barks.
It’ll lick you to death

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