A Creepy Doll Lives Here. An Abandoned House on the Snowy Hill [Poland]

It was a dusky December afternoon. The sun was getting closer to the horizon painting everything with dark shades and that day’s trip to South-eastern Poland was going to the end. However, a small abandoned house on the hill near the road made us stop and have a look inside. Quite cosy at first sight and bright from the outside, mainly because of its white walls, it had a completely different, gloomy atmosphere behind its decaying doors.

The thing causing it was one a bit creepy detail. Apart from the mess, so common for such places, there was an old decaying doll inside which seemed to be left there to freak out the visitors, no matter how rare and random they were.

Once cheerful toy looked completely different significally bitten by time and made realize how little is needed to turn something beautiful into a creepy creature. It was also a perfect example of the influence the details have on their surroundings. The doll turned the ordinary messy decaying house into a creepy place, seeing which the imagination quickly turns on making think about the secrets this site may have and explore its darkest corners as well as the area around—for the conclusion, a few more photos of the gloomy interior of the house and its snowy surroundings.

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