While the Colours Are Still Bright. Exploring a Recently Abandoned Village House [Poland]

After seeing village houses usually abandoned since dozens of years and furnished in an old fashioned way, a real surprise was to enter one with a few relatively modern details inside and taken over by decay quite recently. The almighty time hadn’t managed to bit the interior of the building too much yet, so it was still possible to have a short glimpse on the life in this place when it was in use. That is, in a few words, a story of a decaying house found in a village in Southern Poland.

A calendar on the wall whispered that the life there had stopped in 2014. Obviously, the condition of the house had changed a bit since then and the building was messy and dusty—as it usually happens when decay moves to the place. However, the house was still relatively well preserved and equipped which made it look cosy even despite nobody took care of the site. This impression was enhanced by warm colours of the walls—still not bleached by time, just covered with a thin layer of the dust. The photos below show the decaying interior of the house and its rather grey surroundings.

The last look on the living room before moving to the rest part of the house.

A messy bedroom.

A bit unusual detail to find in a decaying village house—a relatively modern TV.

The surroundings of the house.

The relatively good condition of the house let have a closer look on the place and see a bit of its past. However, it’s just a matter of time how long the current image of the life in this cabin will remain visible. The decay does not hesitate with taking over such places and little by little makes their stories fade.

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