A Story of One Staircase. Exploring a Beautiful Decaying Villa [Czech Republic]

No matter how empty a building is and how bare its walls are, it still can have something that will force to stop there for a while. That is the best way to describe in a few words an abandoned villa hiding somewhere in the Czech Republic. The place is lack of almost everything inside, however, it still has a stunning staircase which can easily take the breath away.

After passing through a few empty rooms going into this part of the building makes an impression of entering a fairytale scenery.

The main thing making the staircase so stunning are a few elegant columns.

They create a perfect composition with the rest not less impressive details in this part of the building.

One of these elements is ceiling, still beautiful despite the decay little by little taking over it.

It’s also worth to mention a pure colour of the walls which blow some lightness into the place. All that taken together turn this part of the building into a magic corner.

Apart from the beautiful staircase there’re a few more rooms in the villa with the details such as ceiling with accurate decorations which let us have a closer look on the place in its times of greatness.

However, they are rather an exception than a rule in this site. Most of the rooms in this building are empty and completely different from the stunning staircase which is like a pearl hidden in the seashell of bare walls. 

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