In the Middle of Nowhere. Following the Road Through Zbraslav [Czech Republic]

No matter what’s the final destination, a trip can bring you to many other sites which are simply too unknown to be chosen for the place to visit but still worth to stop for a while. Zbraslav is a small village in the western part of the Czech Republic that I visited on the way to the church of ghosts, quite famous decaying temple in the area. The thing making this settlement so unforgettable was its remoteness—there was nothing else around apart from forests and fields surrounding a few old buildings lost in the middle of nowhere.

First thing that appeared on the horizon getting closer to the village were a few houses which seemed to be surprised that this site had a visitor.

When I went there, the sky was covered with a solid layer of grey clouds. The lack of sun, together with he emptiness around turned the settlement into a gloomy place.

This impression was enhanced by a few decaying buildings—who knows, maybe the same old as the village was. Their significantly damaged brick walls let assume they had been already counting their last days. Or maybe years, as such old buildings often tend to suffer in a long lasting agony, instead of simply get closer to the ground quickly and disappear.

However, the sun may blow some joy even into such a gloomy place like this village. When the clouds went away a little bit, it was possible to see a completely different face of Zbraslav.

The sunlight turned old decaying buildings into something making the village really impressive.

The greenness around invited to explore the farthest corners of the settlement as well as delight beautiful rural landscapes around.

All that taken together turned Zbraslav into a place where you wanted to stay a little bit longer. Just to enjoy its emptiness. It was so amazingly remote village that its remoteness made it simply impossible to go further not looking back on the old houses which seemed to be watching you leaving.

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