Following Empty Roads. A Few Sights from Țaul [Moldova]

It had been already some time since Moldova appeared on my bucket list before I finally visited it. Probably the best way to describe this country is as the place which is special because of having nothing special at all, apart from its unique atmosphere. That’s why when I went there, I chose the backroads crossing empty fields and leading to remote villages. One of the settlements I visited was Țaul, situated on the north of the country.

Full of small colourful houses located along empty roads, the village seemed to be a little bit unusual.

On one hand, the emptiness and some decaying buildings turned it into the place the same gloomy as the rainy September morning when I went there.

What’s more, thick bushes around made an impression as if nobody cared about this settlement and left it long time ago.

On the other hand, bright walls of houses were whispering something different and doing their best to convince that it was still nice and lively place.

No matter how empty the village seemed at first sight, it was filled with a different type of liveliness—the one common for countryside.

All that taken together created an incredible composition of cosiness and gloominess which is rather rare to see. It was also something that forced to stop from time to time while following empty roads of the village and have a look on what was hiding over the fence, even if it was just another colourful house, so common for this settlement.

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