Memento Mori. A Decaying Family Chapel [Moldova]

A decaying family chapel on the cemetery in one of the big cities in Moldova appeared to be much more impressive than it seemed to be at first sight. It was definitely worth to enter the old graveyard and follow the track leading to a significantly bitten by time building. 

The main thing making the chapel so beautiful was a specific charm common for abandoned sacral places flowing from its still elegant construction and pale cracked walls.

There were also a few details inside which seemed to be even more impressive because of the decay taking over the place.

There’s always something charming about bitten by time walls, their pale colours and glassless windows filling the gloomy place with the colours of its bright surroundings.

However, the most symbolic was a graffiti silently whispering ‘Memento mori’. 

Paradoxically, the building which was a grave for the family buried there today seems to be burying itself under its crushing walls. It’s just a matter of time when it’ll finally happen and the decaying beauty imprisoned behind the cracked walls will disappear forever.

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