Only Memories Have Left. A Pet Cemetery in the Forest [Chișinău, Moldova]

After visiting a few pet cemeteries in Poland (the old one as well as its new part) and Lithuania and finding so much of weirdness there, it was a must for me to explore also the one in Chișinău (Moldova). This place wasn’t that easy to find, as the mentioned graveyard isn’t official one, thus it has no website with directions, maps and other information that would help to get there. Luckily, thanks to a few fairly reliable details about the site I managed to define the exact location of the cemetery. So, being in Chișinău, I left the city centre and followed the path leading to the weird graveyard. 

The cemetery was rather small, considering the number of pets buried there, but the graves were spread out quite widely, thus it was necessary to look around carefully in order to find all of them.

And here they were—colourful monuments of the feelings of the owners towards their little friends. As it’s usual for pet cemeteries, most of the graves were kitschy but seeing them there was no doubt that they were made by someone who really cared and in this way wanted to keep the memories about their fluffy friends. What’s more, colours, toys and other decorations turned the cemetery into something wonderfully weird.

However, there was one thing ruining the unique atmosphere of the place. The construction works started nearby and that damaged a part of the wonderful cemetery—some of the graves appeared on the other side of the fence.

No matter how sad it sounds, that is the ‘price’ of what makes this site so magic. A piece of the forest that was turned into the pet cemetery even though there were no official plans to create it there was something that made me spend some time during my visit in Chișinău exploring this graveyard. In the world where everything is carefully planned such place are really unique and magic.

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