Chasing the Mist. Early Morning near Pouzdřany [Czech Republic]

My plan on that early October morning was to walk from Pouzdřany, a village in the Czech Republic, to a huge water reservoir nearby and see the first sunshine reflecting on its mirror surface. Not that much divided me from that—just a few kilometres of the forest. However, darkness was too thick and a path crossing it too twisted, so I had to look for another option. I decided to stop for a while to wait for night to fade away and that appeared to be the best idea—early October sunlight and mist turned the area into something breathtaking.

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Another Random Village. Following the Roads of Štědrá [Czech Republic]

Just another unknown village that I would probably never go if not one famous abandoned place situated in the area. Štědrá is a small settlement situated far a away from big cities, and first thing that you can see there after leaving the train are a few old buildings covered with a shade of decay and emptiness surrounding them. However, despite the gloomy impression they create, it is still worth to stay there for a while and explore the area around.

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