Chasing the Mist. Early Morning near Pouzdřany [Czech Republic]

My plan on that early October morning was to walk from Pouzdřany, a village in the Czech Republic, to a huge water reservoir nearby and see the first sunshine reflecting on its mirror surface. Not that much divided me from that—just a few kilometres of the forest. However, darkness was too thick and a path crossing it too twisted, so I had to look for another option. I decided to stop for a while to wait for night to fade away and that appeared to be the best idea—early October sunlight and mist turned the area into something breathtaking.

The magic of that morning had began after the sun painted the sky with bright colours of sunrise—it was hard to believe that not long time ago there was still darkness around. Even more impressive was mist which made the contours so smooth that the whole area looked like a painting.

Its thick layer was covering the ground and winding around the trees. In this way the mist turned the forest into some mysterious place which usually can be found only in fairytales.

However, as time was passing, the secret early morning atmosphere was changing and little by little little. Finally, the forest turned into something completely different—bright sunlight took over the place and chased away the mystery.

Seeing such a contrast caused only by the time of the day brings an idea that travelling is not only about where to go, but also when—as if each place had thousands of different dimensions. The same area, usually so ordinary, sometimes turn into a magic scenery, so difficult to believe that it could be real. Like the surroundings of Pouzdřany on that misty October morning.

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