Behind the Soft Curtain of Cobwebs. A Spectacular Decaying House [Poland]

Not each place is worth more than one visit, especially if it’s just a small abandoned village house. However, I visited this decaying cabin three times and being in the area wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go there again. So what makes this site so special? Still cosy rooms coloured with the shades of decay? Lots of furniture inside letting imagine the life there? Or soft curtains of cobwebs which seems to be trying to hide the gloomy interior from the brightness outside? Let’s stop torturing our curiosit and open the old wooden doors.

The cabin is situated in the neighbourhood of houses which are still inhabited and its taken over by nature surroundings make an incredible contrast with the ‘civilised’ area nearby.

The closer you go, the thicker the jungle of bushes around is and it takes some effort to reach the entrance.

Just a few steps through a small hall, and here it is—probably the most atmospheric room in the house. Its grey walls make a breathtaking composition with old furniture and remind a fairytale scenery.  The mystical atmosphere of the place is enhanced by a thick layer of the dust covering literally everything in the room.

However, the most impressive detail there are incredible curtains of cobwebs. Soft and horrific at the same time, they prevent the sunlight from filling up the room, turning it into a gloomy dusk.

One more worth mentioning detail is old significantly bitten by decay furniture.

There’re also old once white doors in the room which lost their brightness as time was passing. They lead to the further, also impressive part of the cabin.

The room behind the doors is rather messy but still has its charm.

Going further there’s one more room—the most devastated one. Seeing a huge mess makes an impression as if someone wanted to ruin the cabin and started it from this part of the building.

It’s also worth to mention some details inside. Similar like in many other decaying village houses, the walls there are full of pictures of Saints.

A few compositions created by decay.

It’s also worth to mention clothes left in the wardrobe which let us see a bit of life of the inhabitants of the place.

The most symbolic are jackets hanged near the entrance—as if the owners have never left the house.

A few more details.

And endless cobwebs everywhere.

Some of them seem to be preventing the fragile contstruction from falling apart.

While other ones deal with unwanted visitors.

Before leaving the house, the last quick look on its most spectacular room and its unforgettable interior. After all, it doesn’t happen too often to see curtains woven by spiders.

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