A Soft Melody on the Wind. The Weird House of Pans [Mažonys, Lithuania]

One sunny May morning I went to Mažonys (Lithuania), a village which is so small that even a bus driver didn’t know where exactly it is situated. Just another settlement far from big cities, and at first sight seems that there’s nothing extraordinary about it. However, one of the houses there is so unusual that I simply couldn’t not go there.

The thing making this cabin so unusal is its surroundings. Fences, trees, even antennas—everything around is decorated with different dishes.

Thus you can find there so many pots that it would be possible even to arrange the kitchen in the restaurant.

Or such a plenty of cups that you could make a really big tea party.

However, the first thing that eyes catch being there is a tree with lots of pans. Just a light wind is enough and you can hear there an unique melody playing when pans hit each other. And that is probably the best moment to tell a few words about the place as well as the weird idea to decorate it with dishes. Long story short, one day Mr. Vytautas, the owner house, found out that he has a lot of pans that had been already not in use. He didn’t want to throw them away, so he hanged a few of them near the house. Seeing this, his relatives brought him even more of them, and now we have the result—an unusual, a bit weird site full of old stuff turning it into something magic.

Of course there’s much more to discover there apart from the previously mentioned tree of pans, so let’s explore this little kingdom of weirdness.

Entering the place it’s impossible not to notice this funny guy meeting the visitors.

That smile.

Seeing a few signs near the house it’s obvious that the owner of the place has a really great sense of humour.

A Small Manor The Old Birch’ situated on ‘Slyvanosių’, or Plum-nosed street (to perpetuate local boozers).

Another funny sign. ‘We are not afraid of partridges and very grey volves! Locals’

A closer look on the house and garden.

The most decorated are fences.

Lots of cups.

And bottles.

A tree decorated with glass.

Another, white tree, situated on the field behind the house.

For the conclusion, a few more details.

And the last look on this weird place.

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