Early Morning Among Rusty Carriages. Decaying Trains near the Railway Station [Romania]

A good thing about travelling by train is that before reaching the main destination you can find some railway objects to explore right near the station where you arrive. That is always a nice surprise, especially as you don’t plan to see anything there. An example of such unexpected find are decaying railway carriages that I saw near the train station in a town in southwestern Romania. I was also lucky to go there early in the morning when the area was covered with the colours of sunrise and street lights.

Scrolling down the photos below you can make a short virtual walk through that place. A bit sad a gloomy considering that it’s the last stop for some of these carriages, however, at the same time also charming, since there’s always some beauty in decay.

A closer look on the railway carriages.

A few details.

A look inside.

Some of the carriages are in a quite good condition—most likely this place is just a temporary stop for them.

For the conclusion—a few more looks on the decaying carriages.

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