Where the City Ends. A Quick Look on the Suburbs of Timișoara [Romania]

DISCLAIMER. Timișoara is a nice city with lots of interesting places to see, including historical monuments and museums. The decision to spend some time in the grey suburbs of the city instead of its lively centre was the result of my subjective opinion. This article cannot be treated as a travel guide while planning a trip to Timișoara.

The last stop of the bus that went in the direction I needed was just where Timișoara ends, and this is how some ‘extra’ area to explore appeared in my trip plan—no matter how unplanned. The thing that made me stop there were some old neglected buildings and atmosphere so different from the city centre.

Below you can find a few sights from the area. I was lucky to go there after a heavy rain, so a grey road turned to a giant puddle that coloured it with the reflection of the sky.

A bit neglected but still colourful buildings blew some livelinness to the area.

Being there it’s impossible to miss a couple of details. One of them is a huge metal gate hidding some secret ‘private institution’. A dog in front of it was even enhancing this impression.

Another detail in the area—a cosy corner under the tree. I wish I could see people spending their time there.

Farer from the street.

And a bit of contrast for the conclusion—grey blocks of flats on the other side of the street.

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