In the Kingdom of the God of the Sea. Breathtaking Decaying Baths [Romania]

One of the most famous and beautiful abandoned places in Romania. Proudly holding the name of the Roman god of the sea, these baths attract attention even of those who come to the resort town where the great building is situated because of the primary purpose of the area rather than to explore forgotten places. I didn’t spend too much time there, however, this one hour or so was enough to see passersby stopping by the magnificent walls and trying to see what is hidden inside.

No matter that it’s impossible to reach the most impressive place in the building not passing through a few dozen metres long hallways with lots of obscure baths, I would like to skip this boring part start from something that definitely takes a breath away there. The mentioned place is a room with an old fountain—probably the most elegant detail in the whole complex of baths.

The rest of the building consists of a few more spaces. The most impressive are two taken over by decay but still bright hallways— pink and blue one , leading, in contrast, to lots of small gloomy baths.

One more room—originally blue, however, time decided to change its colour a little bit.

It’s also worth to mention a white hallway.

No matter that less bright than the pink and blue one, it’s been amazingly decorated with ivies, which makes you stop there and have a look up.

One more room.

For the conclusion, a few nice details outside.

And the breathtaking exterior of the building.

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