A Nostalgic Corner. The Last Slivers of Elegance in the Decaying Villa [Italy]

It was a sunny September day in Italy and one more abandoned villa planned to visit. Having so many places in my plan I didn’t remember at all what made this one worth adding to the itineary. Crossing its dark and gloomy rooms, until the very last moment before reaching the last one on the floor, I didn’t expect to find anything more than just another decaying space. However, what I saw there was higher than any of my expectations. That’s why now, already some time after being back from the trip, I’m still happy to go there again—no matter that only virtually, watching the photos taken there. Reading further you can go for a quick walk through the abandoned villa and see one of the most beautiful things that can be found in such place.

There’s no other way to reach the villa than crossing the jungle of thick bushes and ivies surrounding it—some of them have almost found their new home inside the decaying building.

One of the first impressive thing inside is a space with huge wooden barrels.

Going further there’s a gloomy kitchen—it’s already been some time since last dinner was prepared there.

Continuing the walk through the decaying building you can find a few not well preserved but still charming rooms. Not less gloomy as the previously seen kitchen, since old furinture is enhancing this impression.

However, going further everything changes, and here it is—the brightest and most impressive place in the villa. A stunning nostalgic corner seems to be a symbol of the past elegance of the villa which fades away as decay takes over the building.

A closer look on the main detail in the corner—a decaying but still elegant chair.

From the different perspective.

For the conclusion—a quick look on the room where the beautiful corner is hidden—a decaying space covered with the shade of brown. And one more detail—an old obscure sofa unsuccessfully fighting with the elegant chair for the attention of whoever enters this place.

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