The Unknown Side of Prague. Part 1: A Wasteland near the Libeň Train Station [Czech Republic]

DISCLAIMER. Prague is a beautiful city with lots of impressive sites to see, which make it worth coming here even from the other side of the world. The idea to show this part of the town was based on the belief that the most interesting places are the undiscovered ones and their obscureness is their beauty. This article cannot be treated as a travel guide while planning a trip Prague.

Grumpy industrial buildings, graffiti, and an area covered with the shade of gloominess. The described wasteland is hiding near the Libeň Train Station, just a few steps rom the railway.

A road leading there is rather ordinary one.

Some colourful houses on the way even seem to make this area a bit cheerful.

However, everything changes going a few steps further.

Industrial buildings make an impression of a completely different world, and only some graffiti make this place a bit brighter—no matter that at the same time they are the sign of the desolation of this area.

For the conclusion, the last look on the industrial landscape.

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