The Unknown Side of Prague. Part 2: A Few Sights from Vysočany [Czech Republic]

DISCLAIMER. Prague is a beautiful city with lots of impressive sites to see, which make it worth coming here even from the other side of the world. The idea to show this part of the town was based on the belief that the most interesting places are the undiscovered ones and their obscureness is their beauty. This article cannot be treated as a travel guide while planning a trip Prague.

It was just an aimless walk following the random streets of Prague. Completely randomly one of them brought me to Vysočany. Definitely not that part of Prague where you can find most of historical monuments or other ‘must see’ places. On the other hand, isn’t such unknown area the best when you don’t care about the destination at all?

The photos below show a few random places from Vysočany. Some of them are gloomier, the other ones brighter, but all filled in with an incredibly autumnish late December atmosphere. For those who are still reading hoping to find here some tips for their trip to Prague it’s the highest time to read again the disclaimer at the beginning of the article.

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