As If They Have Just Left. A Stunning Abandoned Hotel in the Mountains [Austria]

An abandoned hotel which is in better condition than many of those where you have ever stayed. An interior design so luxurious that it reminds rather a palace than a place to stay for holiday. That is probably the best way to describe a breathtaking hotel decaying in the mountains in Austria.

It was a beautiful sunny April morning when I arrived to a small Austrian town. Spectacular landscapes around could be more than enough to spend there a day not searching for anything else. However, the purpose of my trip was a bit different, so I followed still empty streets in order to reach the final destination—a breathtaking decaying hotel. Not knowing that the place is not in use, it would really difficult to say that the place is abandoned. The condition of the building outside was perfect, and only entering it you could realize that the hotel is missing its most important part—the staff and guests.

For the beginning, a few of its breathtaking rooms.

The hotel also had a spa part.

The restaurant.

The reception.

The bar.

For the conclusion, a bit more of decaying beauty.


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