The Masterpiece of Weirdness. La Casa delle Favole [Italy]

The destination described in the this article is a kind of place that is very rare to find and at the same time sticks in mind for a long time. An abandoned house full of weird and even a bit creepy artworks is something that can easily force you to go to a small town Italy where it is situated just in order to enjoy its magic.

La Casa delle Favole, or the house of insanes, the most common name of this place, is the best way to describe it. The site was inhabited by Alice and Nelly, a couple of a bit insane siblings who lived isolated from the rest of inhabitants devoting their life for art. Alice died in 2007, while it’s unclear what happened with Nelly after his sister’s death. In any case today the house is abandoned and full of the creepy decaying artworks—the outcomes of the weird lifestyle of siblings.






















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