Many Years After the Last Mass. Just Another Amazingly Beautiful Abandoned Church [Czech Republic]

If I had to choose one special thing about that trip it would be definitely lots of dogs that started barking loudely immediately after seeing someone entering the village. This is something that helps to imagine what kind of place was my travel destination—the settlement so small and remote, that its quadruped protectors treat as an intruder everyone whom they haven’t seen yet. Taking the above into consideration, as well as the fact that there should a good reason for visiting a random remote village in the Czech Republic, it’s easy to guess that something worth seeing is hidden there—the goal of the trip was a small but impressive abandoned church.

The last mass held in the church ended long time ago. Since then the place has been slowly taken over by decay. On the other hand, the damage done to a building by time is different from the rest ones as it can turn a place into something impressive. It took me almost three hours to explore its most hidden corners and eternalize the beauty of the decaying temple. The below photos are the outcome of this exploration and the last glance on the church before its interior will be covered with even thicker layer of the dust.

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