Just on Time. Watching the Death of the Industrial Monster [Czech Republic]

I had many doubts about that trip. Going to visit the place which had been already under demolition didn’t sound very promising. What will we find there? Only ruins? Will we find there ANYTHING? Nevertheless, one thing was sure—the condition of the building won’t be better, so the only option was to leave the city for a while and follow the road the same foggy as unsure the destination of the trip was—an abandoned heating plant situated in the small town in the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, after reaching the place all doubts faded away, as the demolition turned to be the unique occasion to see the agony of the building which, due to the bright sparks coming from the cuts of its heavy constructions, looked as a dying steel monster. 

Watching his death was an unforgettable experience. It was just an indescribable feeling to stand stay there and see all the hell happening right under your feet. It wasn’t sure what will happen next—whether just another metal construction will be cut, or maybe this time the floor will crack. Nevertheless it was so hypnotizing and difficult to take eyes off it that only after workers did a small break it was possible to go further and explore the site.

The largest hall was the one where the demolition was taking the place. Full of metal constructions, it was one of the most spectacular places in the heating plant.

It’s also worth to mention another hall—a less spacious one but full of quite well preserved engines and still impressive in its own way. 

One more place making you stop for a while was a spectacular control room—who knows what would happen after pushing some of the buttons.

A few more rooms were a laboratory and office—still full of equipment and documents.

For the conclusion, a quick look on the top floors and the view from there—not less impressive as the huge decaying power plant.

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