A Story about Empty Rooms. Exploring a Beautifully Decaying Abandoned Manor House [Moldova]

Thanks to this manor house I had chance to try travelling by Moldovan night train. In case you think it was because the place was situated in such a middle of nowhere that it was the only reasonable connection, you’re wrong—no trains went to this village in Moldova at all. In my case the only way to reach it was a night train to another village nearby and then a few kilometres walk enjoying the sunrise. No sarcasm here, even if it sounds a bit weird to be in some village before the sun rises. Some spectacular sights from this walk can be found here and here.

Nevertheless even the most beautiful route some moment is over, and the fairytale landscapes scenery turned into an old and a bit wild park of a decaying manor house. 

Its poor condition didn’t seem very promising, however, as it usually is in case of such places, there’re still some beautiful details left there, whether it’s a construction which is impressive simply because of the fact that it’s about to collapse, spectacular colours of decaying interior or a take over of nature inside. This manor house wasn’t an exception, and, all in all, there was a story about a few empty rooms hidden behind its old walls.

The most spectacular one was a room with the partially collapsed floor. Taking photos there was a great challenge, since it seemed to be just a matter of time when the rest part will collapse too, and the room will connect with the one on the ground floor turning into a huge hall. Fortunately the floor was still stable enough to make a few steps and have a closer look on its decaying corners.

Another one was a room with irregular windows. Despite the decay that took over this place and significantly bitten by time interior, this detail blew into it some elegance.

It’s also worth to mention a staircase. Even though the one in this manor house wasn’t very huge, it still looked interesting because of the great columns and impressive windows.

There was one more room with previously mentioned irregular windows which kept the symmetry of the building. Only interior of these two rooms was different—as the art of decay is always unique.

Continuing the exploration of the manor house there was another room—a small one with a huge window. It had to be a really bright place when the glass wasn’t covered with a thick layer of dust.

And one more room—a less fancy one but still beautifully decaying.

For the conclusion, a huge balcony taken over by nature. 

Some time ago it had to be a really nice view from here. And it still is—just a bit emptier.

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