As from the Fairytale. A Joyful House at the Foot of the Rock [Prague, Czech Republic]

What can you expect to see following the streets of the big city? I guess anything apart from something that doesn’t fit a typical metropoly landscape at all—a colourful and joyful house situated at the foot of the huge rock. This accidental find on one rainy day forced me to go one more time to a bit remote part of Prague where it was located and see it again—this time painted with the sunlight.

The owner of the house sure has a wide imagination. Paintings on the walls as well as their bright walls and sculptures on the gate definitely attract attention once you reach the street where the building is stituated. Lots of flowers around, no matter how beautiful, seems to be just an ordinary decoration in comparison to these details. 

Not less impressive are also surroundings of the house—a huge rock which, surprisingly, is also decorated with some sculptures. That had to be quite a sacrifice to put them there, but the overall outcome was definitely worth it.

All in all seeing this house it seems as if some fairytale fell apart, and a small piece of it landed on the grey street. Hopefully even more pieces like this one are hiding somewhere and waiting to be discovered.

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