In the Middle of Nowhere. A Ruin of the Church in the Meadow [Serbia]

I’ll be honest—this place wasn’t a priority for me, but having a chance to see a ruin of the church painted with the colours of sunrise on the way from another more famous location I couldn’t not include it to my itineary as well. So, after sacrificing a few hours of sleep I was finally in a small Serbian village and the only thing left was a quick walk through the narrow streets in order to reach the site faster than the sun.

And there it was— an abandoned church lost in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by the jungle of the flowers. I arrived at the place in the moment when the colour of the sky was changing from dark blue to dusky pink which was problably the best time to see this still elegant ruin. The shades of sunrise fitted the decaying red brick walls perfectly and invited to have a closer look. Only the previously mentioned flowers was quite a huge challenge while trying to reach the church and it seemed that one unwary step could make you go under in this sea of the plants. Nevertheless, slowly, step by step, it still was possible to reach the building somehow and have a look inside.

As it’s easy to guess seeing the ruin, not much was left inside—the decay had already taken over the place leaving almost nothing apart from the emptiness.

The only thing that let see a bit of the church in the times when it was still in use were some frescos and other tiny details.

There was also a small chapel nearby—again, guarded by the army of plants, similar like the previously described church.

The chapel seemed to be quite well preserved from the outside, however, its interior wasn’t in the best condition, and the only thing to have a look on there were some decaying frescos.

So that was the end of a small stop on the way spent exploring this place—no matter how damaged but still charming. For the conclusion, the last look on the jungle surrounding the church.

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