The Darkest Nightmare. Exploring the Creepy Abandoned Holiday Home [Germany]

What can be creepier than old decaying dolls? Most likely only old decaying dolls in the abandoned building taken over by nature and decay. A spectacular composition of moss, mold and significantly bitten by time toys—that’s the best way to describe an old holiday home located in a small village in Germany. It is also the reason why you can spend in this small decaying building hours, not feeling at all how time is passing by, no matter whether you have your camera with yourself or just save the images that your eyes catch deep in your mind—so that your uncouscioness had some material for your future nightmares.

This holiday home has in the urbex community the nickname ‘Biosphere’ and seeing its interior it becomes obvious why the author came up which such idea. The nature has literally taken over the place—the most of rooms a full of impressive moss and mold. Nevertheless, it has done this in such an elegant way that it looks as if decay here was just an extraordinary interior design style. Starting with the walls and finishing with the curtains—all the details fit so well and first thought that comes to mind seeing it is that someone spent years to arrange it. Surprisingly and paradoxically it’s true, and the one who arranged it was time.

Below are a few spectacular rooms—each of them is so photogenic that deserves at least a few shots.

Not less impressive is the bathroom. The decay has turned it into a real horror movie scenery.

This abandoned holiday home in fact is not really abandoned since the place has a few inhabitants—old dolls, cute and creepy at the same time. Seeing them will make you think twice whether you want to stay there at night.

Say ‘Hi’ to another creepy beauty. Once you come closer, it seems that she feels your fresh blood.

There are even more old toys in this holiday home, and one of them brings you to the new dimension of urbex—have you ever explored an abandoned dolls house?

For the conclusion, the last composition of decaying toys. Different from the previously desribed dolls, these ones seem to be a bit scared and begging for rescuing them. And that is not surprising at all—who knows what is going on behind the doors of this holiday home, once you leave the place?

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