Cute and Spooky. Creepy Dolls in the Forest [Germany]

Once cute dolls left for years in the forest which due to constantly changing weather conditions has turned into something creepy. This spooky site was supposed to be the least demanding location on that trip to Germany. No climbing over the walls or entering the buildings through the windows, just finding the spooky spot in the forest. However the closer I was the more unsure it felt. When I was planning this trip I had to blow away a thick layer of dust from the coordinates of this place. What if the location already doesn’t exist? What if having just approximate coordinates I won’t find the site and will spend the whole evening searching for it?

However, my fears were unwarranted. Dolls are hungry for the fresh brains, souls, (add here anything that sounds creepy), same as ticks in a desolated area are thirsty for the blood, so these spooky toys attract visitors in the same way as insect eaters-plants attract flies (or, to be more precise, there was a path leading to this place so strongly trampled down that it let assume the creepy site is already unofficial tourist attraction in the area). Therefore it wasn’t difficult to find the place and here it was – a creepy spot in the forest full of scary dolls.

Let me introduce you some of them.

The one below was probably the most demonic toy there. Pale skin, a pentagram on the neck and black dress made her look really spooky. Nevertheless it was also one of the most photogenic dolls there and definitely deserves taking a closer look on her.


In case any mothers are reading it, I would like to ask you, how many of you would buy this one if it wasn’t damaged? Most likely such creepy gurn is just yawning, however being taken over by decay it seems to be screaming for help, or even worse getting ready to attack the unexpected visitor of this place.

The next doll on the first sight looks quite ordinary (who cares that it’s hanged o the tree?) and even cheerful. Those who come there to see some horror can be a bit disappointed seeing it. ‘And that’s it? Just some old toy?’—a question can pop up in their mind.

No worries, it’s enough to have a look on the surroundings to find out that this quite nice doll is just a small detail of the creepiness.

One of the ‘neighbours’ of that doll, hanged on the same tree, or rather some of his parts.

The next two toys brought my thoughts to the theatre. Most likely because their hairless and empty heads made them similar to masks.

This is not the right way to do make-up, nevertheless, it looks interesting.

That could be the nicest doll in the forest and the one that for sure wouldn’t hurt you, however, a huge blood like spot on her mouth warns you to run away.

Bodies without heads and the other way around—if only someone could clean up this mess and connect the fallen apart elements so that creepy toys could have a fully-fledged life in this horrific site.

A brainless doll wearing a nicely decaying dress and her friend. Seeing these bloody eyes and mouth makes you wonder whether she is a victim or the opposite.

A full doll and a head. Isn’t it an interesting idea for the composition?

This guy looked a bit angry. Not surprising at all, who would like to spend year in the forest with a heavy metal chain on the neck?

A few last but not less impressive dolls.

The noise from the higway, so ordinary on the way to this place, sounded there really eerie and made the atmosphere of the site even spookier. Creepy dolls, the forest around and previously mentioned sounds – all that taken together turned this location into a horror movie scenario. I spent there a couple of hours taking photos of demonic toys and could stay even longer, however did my best to leave the place before the sun hides over the horizon. Just in case.

For the conclusion, a quick look on the place before leaving it.

One thought on “Cute and Spooky. Creepy Dolls in the Forest [Germany]

  1. Hello
    I saw a post about this forest on Fb and after a few research I found your article. I fell in love with this place and I really would like to see it. I live in Belgium but cannot find any clue about the location. Maybe you can gice me some tips or at least tell me if it’s far from the Belgian border
    Thank you for these amazing pics.

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