After the Last Shift. Exploring the Giant Abandoned Industrial Site [Latvia]

A maze of metal constructions and massive machines. I have no idea how they function but I’m pretty sure that it would be enough to press just one button to make them work again. This huge abandoned industrial site in Latvia is so well preserved that the silence in its endless halls reminds you the end of shift rather than the shutdown of production. 

The place is so well equipped that it seems workers could easily come back and start working immediately. That won’t happen soon though, so the building remains redundand and probably its only way to feel at least a bit useful could be being a playground for photographing compositions of huge metal constructions. 

Below are some photos taken after the very last shift in this industrial site. It’s been already some time after the last machine was turned off, so some little signs of decay are visible there. Nevertheless the specific smell of metal still fills in the huge halls and lets feel the atmosphere of the place in the times of its greatness.

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