After the Inhabitants Have (Not) Left. Exploring the Still Fully Furnished Abandoned House [Latvia]

Something from the exploration of one of the least explored countries in Europe. This fully furnished abandoned house situated in one of the cities in Latvia hides a lot to be discovered. Even too much, taking into consideration some details whispering that the place still may be inhabited—no matter how symbolic they are.

Despite the piano with the sheet music open inside one of the rooms, the building has been filled in with the silence since quite a long time. 

Even the sheet music open doesn’t mean that someone is about to play on it. 

Yes, whoever did some staging there and put the sheet music upside down had no knowledge about notes. 

Lots of dust and the mess around let assume the owners left the place long time ago.

Same in the kitchen— no matter that was so well equipped that you could easily cook there, it’s been already a while as it was in use.

Nevertheless, the above is not sure. As mentioned at the beginning, some symbolic details whispered that the house still may be inhabited. A few suitcases left in one of the rooms make an impression as if the owners didn’t managed to leave the place and are stuck there forever.

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