Kittens among the Pews. An Abandoned Church and Its Fluffy Inhabitants [Czech Republic]

When I entered this church situated in a small village somewhere in the Czech Republic a few little kittens ran away in all directions and hid in the corners of the temple. The presence of the fluffy ‘inhabitants’ made me doubt a bit if the site can be treated as abandoned, nevertheless seeing its decaying walls and the ceiling which is literally about to fall down it’s sure that its doors have been closed for a long time. Same as in case of many other abandoned sacral places, the decay turned this church into something gloomy and beautiful at the same time and three hours spent there taking photos passed as one moment.

Nevertheless, this decaying temple wasn’t as depressing place as many other abandoned churches because previously mentioned kittens blew some life into it. These fluffy creatures playing among the pews were so unusual to see there but at the same time they were a really nice find. 

Despite the fact that the church was home to the little kittens, the building was so strongly damaged that it couldn’t be suitable for regular masses (only occasional ones were held there a few times per year).

It seems to be just a matter of time when the ceiling will fall down, and I’m really impressed that locals are not afraid to go to the church for previously mentioned occasional masses). 

Not to mention plenty minor damages—deep cracks, dingy walls and other bites of time which taken together turned this abandoned temple into a beautifully decaying scenery—below are some of its dusty corners.

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